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Mundig is the Swiss wholesaler/exporter of the EFC-group. Our profound cheese knowledge is based on personal relationships with the cheesemakers who share their tradition and secrets of their individual cheesemaking process with us. The cheeses are hand-selected according to age and flavor profile. Over the past years, we have built up our expertise in order to deliver our products from Europe directly to your warehouse.



Kaeskuche is the German-based cheese scout, exporting the finest Alpine artisan cheese from Germany and Austria. We are committed to hand-picking the best cheeses in order to make sure that our customers receive the finest products that are part of our Alpine heritage. The ease of access to efficient logistic partners and the proximity to various airports in Germany guarantee an unparalleled quality of products and services.



For 3 generations, Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht has been selecting the best Belgian artisan cheeses. After the selection, the cheeses age in our modern caves at the former bottling plant of the De Koninck brewery in Antwerp, until they reach the perfect age profile and are ready to be delivered around the world. Our easy access to sea, land and air transportation provides the perfect logistics network for our customers.




The family-owned estate Almnäs Bruk was founded in August 14th 1225. We have a very long tradition of producing organic, non-pasteurized cheese sourcing the milk from our own herd of dairy cattle. We pride ourselves on being in control of the whole process: we farm the fields, milk the cows, make the cheese and age it in our own cellars. Each batch is individually judged and brought to the market only when we consider it to be at the peak of its quality.



We select the best artisan cheeses from the Netherlands, coming from both farmhouses and smaller cooperatives. Our cheeses are aged at our facility in IJmuiden (near Amsterdam) and at a larger facility in the south of the Netherlands. We have a network of logistic partners who assist us with both road and airfreight transportation, ensuring that we can deliver the best Dutch cheeses around the world.



The Cravero family has been selecting and aging Parmigiano Reggiano cheese since 1855. They hand-pick 12-month wheels from the best terroirs from the production area in Emilia Romagna. The wheels are then transported to our maturation caves in Bra, in southern Piedmont, where the natural environment of the caves allow the cheese to develop a creamy texture and a distinctively sweet & fruity flavor profile, which make the Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano unique.




Cultivo started out as a retailer for Spanish cheese in 2014. Over the past years, we expanded our business to include wholesaling, exporting, making, selecting, and aging Spanish artisan cheeses. We also work directly with a dozen of small producers, some of them who are actually partners of Cultivo, who provide us with green cheeses that we age in our caves. To complement these cheeses that we make, we offer a selection of artisan cheeses that come from farms from all over the country and that are representative of the Spanish cheese culture. Additionally, Cultivo runs two shops in Madrid, our windows to the final customer.


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aged for 18 months

weight units 1 x 10 kg

from Belgium

The family dairy ‘t Groendal produces this pasteurized hard cheese. The cow milk they use is supplied by neighboring farmers. The Old Groendal matures for at least 18 months in order to achieve a beautiful crystallization and a unique, slight caramelly flavor and creamy texture.

This cheese received a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards 2017.


aged for 8 months +

weight units 1 x 12 kg

from Germany

Alex is produced by Albert Kraus at Hofkäserei Kraus in the Bavarian town of Ebersbach. Albert uses milk from his brother & neighbor’s herd of traditional Brown Swiss cows to make Alex, a semi-soft table cheese that embodies the landscape of the Allgäu in Southern Germany. Using exclusively hay milk from these two herds, Albert creates a cooked curd, pressed cheese that’s washed in local herbs at five months, conferring intense aromas to the rind and intensifying the complexity of the paste.


aged for 16 months +

weight units 1 x 33 kg

from Austria

This bold mountain cheese is produced by the Dorfsennerei Sibratsgfäll cooperative dairy, Sibratsgfäll has rich notes of meat and nuts, which are contrasted by its slight sweetness. The persisting flavors are due to the quality of the hay milk used in its making and the 16+ month aging and washing.

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